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What is a Smart Home? Example scenarios.

Smart Lighting

One touch of the "All off" button turns off the lights in the entire house. Multiple functions on one switch.

Ideas and scenarios:

  • before going to bed, you press a button near the bed or activate “Sleep” scenario with voice control and light turns off throughout the house;

  • when you pass through the corridor while "Night" scenario is activated,  the corridor backlight will gradually light up at 15% power, which will provide your household with virtually uninterrupted sleep without bright flashes of light and interference;

  • "Security" scenario involves turning on the light at a given power when a motion sensor detects movement in its coverage area;

  • brightness of lighting in the rooms is adjusted using light sensors: when natural light decreases, the system activates the biodynamic lighting scenario and sets a comfortable brightness.

Smart Climate

Heating/air conditioning is turned on to maintain the set temperature, saving energy resources by at least 30%. To ensure that the heating/cooling devices do not run idle, the closing/opening of windows can be controlled upon request.

Ideas and scenarios:

  • during a long trip, there is no point in spending resources on heating your house. By enabling the "Vacation" scenario, you can set the house in standby mode with a temperature of 16 C;

  • programming curtains to open automatically and
    closing depending on the position of the sun and the occupancy of the house;

  • “Good Morning” scenario - slow opening the curtains with a gradual increase in lighting over five minutes and setting the temperature to the desired level;

  • Scenario that includes ventilation when certain air parameters (CO2 content) are reached.

Smart Security

Remote door opening from the application, for example, for delivery service or guests. When a leak is detected, the water supply is stopped and a flood prevention notification is sent.

Ideas and scenarios:

  • when the motion sensors are triggered, the siren turns on, the area is illuminated, and the shutters close. The system will send you an SMS or PUSH notification about the event that has occurred;

  • notification that the front door has been left open for more than five minutes or if the front gate has been left ajar for more than ten minutes;

  • access to video surveillance remotely, using your smartphone, from any place in the world;

  • your house can "simulate" the presence of the owners when you are away;

  • ability to create a scenario in case of a security breach. When activated, the Smart Home turns on the lighting at 100%, automatically closes the front door, opens motorized curtains, and transmits signals from all surveillance cameras to each TV.

Smart Sound and Video

Audio separation: you can watch the movie in living room, while classical music will be played in another room. Control the sound system using mobile devices and tablets. This is about choosing a track, volume, and choosing a zone for playback.

Ideas and scenarios:

  • automatically starts playing music in the bathroom when you turn on the light in the shower;

  • notification of guests' arrival by sound transmission
    signal through the speakers of audio zone;

  • the "Cinema" scenario closes the curtains, turns off the lights, starts the Apple TV  or other video signal source. The speaker volume may be adjusted to a certain level.

Smart Watering

At a given time, the controller sends a signal to turn on the pump, opens or closes the water supply solenoid valve, and the selected areas of the lawn are watered.

Ideas and scenarios:

  • the most effective lawn watering method is by a moisture sensor that is installed in the soil. When a certain value is reached, irrigation is activated. The system also takes into account the preferred time for watering;

  • weather sensors help determine specific weather conditions according to which you need to
    organize or stop watering. For example, activating the rain sensor will pause the watering program during periods of rainfall;

  • when your guests or children are in the garden, th Picnic scenario will pause the watering program.

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